More than a regular phone call

We've been working in telecom, technology, and customer experience for more than thirty years. With our smart telco solutions for customer service, we route 300 million interactions annually. The voice channel is key to create people-based experiences and loyal customers in an omnichannel world. It gives brands a voice and customers a listening ear.

Embed voice online

With talk, the voice channel becomes part of an immersive online experience. 

It's a click-to-call application that runs on any device with a microphone that's connected to the internet and in any modern browser.

Callers no longer leave the online journey to make a call. Instead, the call becomes part of the online journey.


Is talk compatible with my software?

Talk is always compatible with your contact center software. It is based on WebRTC and basically a VoIP call.

How do I implement talk?

Implementing Talk is as easy as adding a button to your website. We provide the code that makes sure calls are routed correctly.

What happens during wait time?

Calls are routed in the same way as regular calls so they enter the same queue. During wait time you can display special offers, a video, or a discount.

Will talk reduce my phone bill?

Talk calls are routed over the internet. If you're currently paying a mobile caller surplus on your freephone numbers, this will greatly reduce costs.

Do I still need phone numbers?

Technically you don't need a service number anymore. When entering new countries, you can simply start off by publishing a click-to-call button on your website.

What about my IVR?

Your site visitors can send DTMF tones to your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system just like on a regular phone call. This way talk seamlessly integrates with your existing call flow.

Ready for Talk?

Are you ready to increase online engagement and conversion? Choose your plan and implement Talk today!



/month billed annually

Setup costs € 25
Call handling € 0,08 p/min.
V geo-numbers included
€ 25/month /extra instance

No Credit Card Required

or € 30/month


1 instance*
1 custom alias*
V Customization
DTMF dialpad
V Remote support (15 min/mnth)
during business hours
Automatic redirect
User feedback
Interactive dashboards




/month billed annually

Setup costs € 50
Call handling € 0,045 p/min
V geo-numbers included
V 1 onboarding session
€ 25/month /extra instance

No Credit Card Required

or € 110/month 


1 instance*
1 custom alias*
V Customization
V DTMF dialpad
V Automatic redirect
V Remote support (4hr/mnth)
business days - 22.00 hrs
User feedback
X Interactive dashboards




/month billed annually

Setup costs
Call handling Volume-based
V geo-numbers included
V 4 onboarding session
€ 50/month /extra instance

No Credit Card Required

or € 250/month


V  1 instance*
1 custom alias*
V Customization
V DTMF dialpad
Automatic redirect
V Unlimited remote support
User feedback
Interactive dashboards


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Seamlessly integrate customer service calls in the online customer journey. 

Talk extends the customers’ online journey, maximizes your conversion rate and helps you gather valuable customer insights.

Calls follow regular routing

Adding talk as a customer service channel doesn't require any changes to your contact center software or infrastructure. 

Talk calls are VoIP calls and routed to your agents in the same way as regular calls. Even your IVR works in the same way. Your agents won't know the difference.

And when entering new countries, simply add a talk button to the local website and you're ready to receive calls. Without needing a phone number.

Match your brand identity

Talk can be customized to match your brand identity. Logo, wallpaper, button colors. These are standard features in any package.

You also get 1 custom domain, 1 instance, and 1 custom alias. 

All of these can be changed in talk's nifty online portal. So you can make sure your wallpapers match your current campaigns.

Survey as part of the journey

Regular customer service phone calls have an average survey response rate of 15%. That's because the survey takes place on a different channel. 

With talk, you integrate the survey in the journey. Simply ask callers to leave their feedback when the call ends. On the same screen. 

Currently, 25% of connected callers leave a response in the application. Simply because it's part of the Talk online journey. This far exceeds traditional methods.

Maximize online conversion

Talk helps you maximize conversion. After a successful customer service call, you can automatically redirect callers to a page of your choice. Like a personalized thank-you page, or special offer. 

This allows you to point callers in the right direction and increases the chance of a conversionAll of which isn't possible with a regular phone call.

Valuable data and insights

Because the entire call journey takes place online, you have a lot more data to analyze compared to traditional phone calls. And a lot more customer insights to gather.

You no longer lose sight of your website visitors as soon as they pick up the phone to call customer service. This facilitates tracking and measuring the conversion of a call.

It gives you the possibility to really measure how telephony contributes to online conversion


I am convinced that we can turn customer service into a money-maker by using a tool like Talk because we can measure how telephony contributes to online conversion.

Tim de Groot

Head of E-Commerce 
Benelux & Nordics, Kaspersky

bridges the gap between 
Customer Service & E-commerce

Instance: configuration of one call termination address and interface customization
   Custom alias: e.g.

Customer Service

  • Promote voice at important touchpoints
  • Easily measure customer satisfaction
  • Measure customer service value
  • Smooth user experience
  • Integrate voice in the online journey
  • Automatically redirect to website
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase conversion


configuration of one call termination address and interface customization
Custom domain: 

Custom alias: